Whisker pole mounted

The whisker pole (WP) mast mount got some work. We have a 1  1/4 inch track which is standard. Also our Jib tracks are 1 14 inch. At first we thought we would install a ring type of mount up on the mast where we could hook the whisker pole onto and then the same at the bottom. 

We bought the ring mount and started thinking how it would mounted. We realized it would rattle around and possibly sway back and forth.

 We went to the storage shed where the WP has been stored since we got the boat. We then ran by Sailing Supply and talked to Dave about the setup. There were some pricey options and some not so pricey. We chose the not so pricey option. This puts a clamp on the existing track and a stop so it is positioned were we want it. 

This works great and it means we do not need to drill any holes in the mast.
 The other less expensive option is to have a clamp just higher than the track. This requires two holes in the mast and one lager hole for mounting it. Then the ring mount would require four holes for mounting. The problem here is the clamp would be high and not allow much leverage to get the pole into the clamp.

We need to clean up the WP where the PO had put duck tape over the adjustment holes.

The bracket under the black clamp will be replaced with a Forespar stop we bought.
The WP is a Forespar also. 

 The method we chose allows us to put a safety strap\line around the pole and onto the clamp so the pole would not come down onto your head by some freak accident.

 The WP is slightly corked as it is further away from the mast at the top than at the bottom. This can be fixed by purchasing a larger ring mount on the bottom. We opted to wait on this till after the mast is pulled and re-installed and we test this all out.

 Dave at Sailing Supply said the head sail should not get tangled up on the WP.

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