Mast work - Part 3

2\9\2012 San Diego
Monday we went to Driscolls BoatWorks to help with the mast. 
We arrived with the boat in the early afternoon and it was still not raining but was supposed to.

 The mast is 53’ 4” high.
 We stripped the mast of most everything.

Original wiring
Original wiring 
Original wiring and bottom edges of mast are a mess, but no rot on mast.
Wires gone and mast cleaned up! 
 Rigworks took out the wiring for the steaming\spreader light and put in new wires.
Rigworks took out the wiring for the Wind Sensor , the old wind instrument that did not work

You can see the old Wind Sensor on the ground here with the sheaves from the mast head.
 Me with old Wind Sensor.
Debbie with old Wind Sensor wiring.
The Old Wind Sensor was frozen at the top of the mast. We replaced it with the Garmin  Wind Sensor wiring. 
 Garmin GMI10 Wind Bundle with (GWS10 Wind Sensor)

 It was not installed until the mast is in the boat so it does not get damaged.

Rigworks took out the wiring for the tri color mast head light and put in four new wires so it would work with a strobe light. I thought it did before but the strobe was broken or burnt out. There are three circuit breaker toggles on the nave station for the light.
The working one was running.
As it turns out there was no strobe in the light. Well it is wired for one now just in case we replace it.

We replaced the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs and tested them. 

 Ray at Rigworks used a tool battery to test the lights. You know like a drill battery. We thought that was a great idea and will hijack the idea for the future.
 We had purchased a three way running light LED from Downwind Marine and a four sided white light LED for the anchor light. No matter what we did the three sided running light would have the red side come on with the anchor light. We gave up as time is money here in the yard with contractors. 

We put the LED anchor light in and the incandescent bulb which is white back in for the running light. Later we will get another LED white light for the running lights as that is what is there now only incandescent.

This is a Aqua Signal mast head light put on by the previous owner.
Our old topping lift and Dutchman setup.
This is being replaced by a new topping lift from Rigworks .
Where the mast goes through the deck. 
The mast step in the back. This is where the mast sits and on this step.
LeFrell Mfg Co 03-8118-2 0m-40
Deck area cleaned up.
Looking down into the step from the deck.

Ready for mast.
Where the old steaming\spreader light sat.
Lets just replace this!

Replaced it with this one.
Aqua Signal Combination Masthead/Foredeck Light  (Series 25)
For Power & Sail vessels up to 39' (12 m)
Bulbs included for Masthhead (10 watt/12 volt & Foredeck (20 watt halogen/12 volt. 
We burnt out the foredeck bulb and are purchasing a new one from Downwind Marine is San Diego.
Not LED but the steaming light is on when the engine is running so it does not matter.

The space on the top Debbie filled with 3M 4000 UV to keep water out. 
The SS jib sheave was put back in (all the sheaves and spacer were re-installed and new cotter pins.)
We plan on replacing the SS jib halyard with a line one in the near future. The sheave is just fine.

We replaced the original plastic main halyard sheave with a SS sheave.
Rigworks made us up a new back stay (the only piece of standing rigging that needed replacing) as it was bad and we wanted a SSB antenna back stay anyway.

Maxfrom Rigworks working on installations. 
High quality marine VHF antenna tuned to 156.8MHz. Whip length is 35"
Every loading coil is hand wound, factory tuned and tested to insure peak performance
Vswr is 1.5 : 1 or less
Gain is 6 db over coaxial antenna
Power rated at 150 watts
Coil housing is stainless steel, sealed to prevent moisture damage
No ground plane required

We also got a new Windex.  
The old Windex was part of the Wind Sensor and did not work.
Ray had to bend it so the arrow passed by the antenna.

Debbie had filled the old anchor light with 3M 4000 UV and for good measure we replaced the lens and added more 3m 4000 UV to protect the hole. 
After all, this will be getting a lot of weather from the Mexican Rivera!

This is where the boom connects and it is in fine shape. There is no slop in the pin and the welds look great.
The spreaders attach here and they are in great shape and so are the attachment points.
The EchOmax 230 radar reflector was installed 

The loop is upside down??? 
This is part of the ship yard. The mast got moved at least three times.
All new wiring and more of it. It did all fit in the original tube so that was nice.
The loop looks to me to be on top instead of on the bottom. We can re-arrange this later if desired.
The marine speaker chord is for the hailer\fog horn.
The Harkin furler got re-installed.

OK the mast is now ready to put back in our boat!

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