In staling the Air Breeze onto the boat!

In staling the Air Breeze wind generator (WG) onto the boat!
We found the heat gun and Debbie shrank the heat shrink and then we snaked the wires through the mast and then through the Cam Clam and into the boat.

 There we connected the red\black wires to each other stopping the blades from spinning.

 Next it was aping gobs of LanoCoat to all parts and sliding the Air Breeze over the mast. Then tighten it down.

Debbie's pretty face and good attitude makes it all worth it :)

As you can see now it is getting dark, and colder.

 Next step was to apply the ante size to the nut and shaft for the blades and screw them on. Debbie held the WG and I turned the blades to tighten the nut. Then snapped the hub on and the WG was ready to hoist.

Now we raised the mast. Debbie was in the cockpit and held the mast in place as I tightened up the struts. 

Because of the size of the wires we could not seem to get the extra 8” or so slack into the mast so it will need to be in the boat. Then we can loosen the Cam Clam and pull out some slack if we need to lower the mast holding the Air Breeze wind generator.
 So it looks cool any way. Looks like we are going places as Debbie said. There is some more mast tweaking to do and then the wiring up still needs doing. This is a great accomplishment though.

Next morning the WG still looks good and is still standing!

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