Air Breeze wind generator - chain link fence bracket

The chain link fence bracket we got did not work out. Not the one with the offset clamp. 
No matter what we tried we could not get it to tighten up enough on the wind generator mast.

Could not get this one to work

This one worked fine.
We will go back to San Diego Fence and get a couple more of these in case we need to add more strength higher on the WG mast at a later time.

For now we will sail with this setup and and see if it needs any other support first.

 We switched over to the chain link fence bracket that has the clamp holes centered and it worked great. It was hard to bend open and then we had to use Vice Grips on it to get it closed but it came out fine.
 There are a few more things to do like swap the SS tubing ends around so the set screws are facing down etc.  Mechanically the Air Breeze wind generator is done. The wiring needs to be completed but we wanted this to be mounted securely before we got to the ship yard this week to get the mast pulled.

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