Removed main sail - ya!

 Well ya meaning good things to come but its hard to sail with out any sails as the jib is next.
 The main sail came off without a problem. That’s the last for that sail. We needed to remove the sail for two reasons.
 We are pulling the mast.
We have purchased new sails.

 We first removed the Dutchman setup by un-screwing some plastic round clamps on the bottom of the sail. Then un-zipped the pockets that held the line (large diameter plastic type of fishing line) from the sail and tied them off on the topping lift for now.
Then we removed the stop from the mast and removed the sail and slugs.
Then we removed the reefing line.

Then disconnected the back haul?
The pulled the sail off the boom as it sat in a grove. Our new sail will be loose footed and be in a stack type pack.

We then laid out the sail on deck and Debbie folded up some to make it more manageable. 

Then we remove each batten. There is a pocket with Velcro straps holding in the battens. They came out no problem. Not as thick and as wide as we would have thought but they work fine so I guess they are correct. 

Original sail and was re-cut and full battens added

Served the PO well and us for a short time

They will go into the new sail. Beside it the sail would be hard to transport with them in.
We then took the sail to our storage shed for now, next  stop will be the trash unless a good home could be found J

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