Mast work - Part 2

 We started off on Sunday with some rain but it went away as the day went on. Debbie and I went to Driscolls Boat Works and dug into more mast work. We scrapped and sanded the areas at the head and foot of the mast that were in need of paint. The foot had an area about 2” from the base where there was a little white powdery stuff on the aluminum and some paint bubbled.

Still needs some sanding\scraping.
 The head was chipped and dirty and a few spots had bubbled paint. We also wanted to seal up any holes and that needed to be cleaned.
Our equipment

Before painting we wanted to install a pad eye for hooking to while standing at the top of the mast.
Locating the right spot for the pad eye.

Here is the decided upon spot.

Center punch the holes.

Same drill as the mast steps (pun intended).

Drill the holes.

I was talking to Debbie and not paying attention and screwed up a hole.
I had hit the center punch off a bit and so re-did the punch. The drill bit will sit in the dent the punch makes.
I put the drill bit in the wrong punch dent and drilled.
It was off enough to make it unusable. Luckily I was able to drill some more over and re-tap the hole and make it work. oops.

Tap the holes.
I was too chicken to use the tap in the drill. Hand tapping you can feel the tap do it's work and if there is a problem you can quickly stop. Not so with the tap in the drill. For more experienced pros the drilling the tap in would be faster. This is just too important and time sensitive to mess around.

Done with the tapping.

Now LanOcoat the screws.

Done and tested OK!

Old anchor light is now filled in with 3M 4000 UV.
Also a couple more holes were filled in. Debbie also taped it up with blue tape and cleaned it with alcohol for painting prep.

Top is VHF antena bracket and then stay. Both need some paint as we prepped the areas.

Our hull number 29 inside the mast. Looks like 53' 4" high.

More scraping and cleaning.

Ready for paint

This is where the mast meats the deck and the bolt goes through.

A piece of line to stop the silicone from going any further down .

This is what seals the mast at the deck joint.

Nice and painted now.

On Saturday at the end of the day we washed the side of the mast with Pine-sole and applied some polish .

 Sunday we also went to Marine Exchange and picked up some more polish etc.

We got one side polished but ran out of time and energy for the other.

Inner tube with nothing in it now.

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