The preliminary mast work is all done now

  1.  Debbie removed all the Harken big blocks from the boom and stashed them in a bag inside the dodger (we left them connected to the traveler for ease of re-installing).
  2.  We removed the boom and tied off the topping lift with the Dutchman brackets on it.
  3.  We removed all lines from the stays and tied them off onto the mast.
  4.  We removed the cotter pins from the stays.
  5.  We wrapped up the boom and secured it to the fore deck.

Debbie working on topping lift

 We picked up the 24 mast steps at Downwind Marine and
got the Wednesday free coffee and doughnuts.

 Boom is gone and the topsides look naked!

Not all the fasteners were in at San Diego fasteners so they will get picked up before Saturday. We will also get some drill bits and taps.
The EchoMax is ready with fasteners, drill bit and tap.

The Hailer is wired with 75' marine speaker wire, yes there is marine speaker wire, I was surprised too. 

We removed the jib and stored it away till the new sails come in.

Could use some lube as it is dirty.
 Jib on dock

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