Installing the mast

 We got the boat to Driscolls Boat Works about 1:30 PM on Monday 021312.
After helping Rigworks finish off the mast work it was time for the mast to move over to where the crane is in the boat yard.

On the boat looking around the yard.

Debbie looking beautiful as always!

Connecting the spreaders. You can see the strap connected to the crane on the mast.

The notorious ladder gets another not so honorable mention.

We had to deal with the aluminum ladder again but this time the tide was a bit higher.

  As you know when sailing sometimes the wind makes the sails flap around and creates all kinds of noise which makes you think there are all kinds of happenings but really the sails are just flapping around. Well the aluminum ladder is like that. It sways and bangs around making all sorts of noise but not really doing anything but moving. It is still discerning as it does move a lot and if you get on the pipe holding it to the cement pier while climbing up or down you can jam your fingers or foot. But still the noise does nothing; well it freaks you out at times.

Lots of wires and some long ones.

Chip has a GREAT sense of humor (still, after all this work)!!

The wires came in out the bottom of the mast.

They then were routed through the hole in the side of the mast.

There was too much wire to fit through the deck as the mast was coming down.

Me holding the furler. 

It started to rain.

It was getting to be high tide.

Rigworks did put the mast back into the boat.

After tuning the rigging Rigworks left as it started raining and we will finish off the rest. 

Got our work cut out for us now :)

Time to install the Garmin Wind Sensor.

Hooking up his Bosun's chair for a ride to the top of the mast.

 All done!
Time to motor home.

Some mast steps left open. We will need to get our climbing gear to close them up.

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