Purchased really used dingy

 We are purchasing this tired old dingy that has proudly served as surf boat and get around for it’s previous owner. It needs a lot of TLC and we got if for junk yard pricing. It has oars and a foot pump and a seat. The owner is selling his power boat and was happy we wanted to take it off his hands.
It also has a blow up floor and keel.
It is a Avon we think.
It also has at least one slow leak, don’t’ they all J
We want it for testing out our dingy davits and tooling around the anchorage.
We will use it to decide on what dingy we want to purchase for cruising.
We have test driven one before and that is in earlier posts.

We do think we want a dingy that has.
  •  Blow up floor so we can role it up.
  •  About 10’ or 10’6 max.
  • Big tubes for a four stroke if we go with a four stroke.

Now to do the work on cleaning all the bottom growth off and the inside under the blow up floor is a mess also.

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