Water heater wiring 120 volt

 We needed to drill some more holes for wires and hoses. We need two 120 volt wires sets from the nav station area to the water heater nad new AC\Heat unit that goes by it. E need a 12V ground wire also.
There will be at least one water hose to the AC\Heat unit from the bilge.

We drilled a large hole by the mast.

 Then we drilled two smaller holes between these sets of wires to under the sattee from the cabinet next to the sattee. I di d not get a picture of the holes but they are drilled. There is already a big enough hole that goes to the bilge where the existing gray water pipes go through.

We will later add a false floor to this cabinet covering these wires etc.

We then snaked the 120v water heater wires up and into the space.

 This is temporary as we are not sure how we are going to snake the wire to the heater but you get the idea.

 Next week we will re-do the plumbing!

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