WG wiring - testing with our Harbor Freight hydraulic crimping tool

We did some testing with our Harbor Freight hydraulic crimping tool. We first bought it for one job. That was to crimp 2/0 cables from our windlass to batteries after we did a refit of the cables. We had to use the 00 dies in the tool to make that crimp. So we figured the dies would be different for the #6 cables but we now think not.

We tried the #6 dies in the tool and the crimp looks real good and it cannot be torn apart, at least by me. 
We tried the #8 dies but it crimp looks too flat (right).
We used #6 cable and #6 butt connectors.

We also tried two #10 wires together into one # 6 but connector and they fit real nice. We did not do a crimp, seemed a waste of a connector.

We also tried a #10 wire bent over in two and it fit real nice in the #6 butt connector.

We will need to wire the green (ground)  and black wires together at the Air Breeze so that was one test.
We will need to wire a #10 black and green wirse from the Air Breeze wind generator to the #6 black to battery negative so that was another test.

We also need to wire in a switch and a 5/16 battery eye to fuse terminal.
Need to purchase more # 6 terminal ends and some heat shrink with glue.
So it looks like this all works out. Now to do the job!

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