Pulling the mast

The mast is out of the boat!
 First we had to get there, at Driscoll Boat Works. We arrived at the pier and they pointed to a spot under the crane. Fine, except it was right in front of some rocks and steel sea wall. The pier was high and had a travel lift on it. The pilings are cement and had one large black rubber fender. 

Oh my we said and Debbie motored the boat in.  

Great job of docking by Debbie and she had to make a quick adjustment as we thought or I thought we were supposed to tie up just in front of a sail boat on another dock. Then we saw Ray from Rigworks and knew that was not the case. Debbie swung the boat over quick and made a perfect docking in a tight spot. She can parallel park her car also!

Next we took down the back of the bimini readying the back stays for removal.

 Rigworks got to work on the mast by removing the through bolt on the mast at the deck level.

The crane lowered a Rigworks man down on a Bosins chair and he wrapped a sling around the mast. 

Then they lowered another hook down which he then hooked to the sling.

Then Rigworks removed the stays from the chain plates. 

They also disconnected the furler.
All this was then attached to the mast for transport.

The mast is slowly being pulled from the boat.

They are checking that the wiring passes out through the deck OK.

Out it came!

Away it goes!

The spreaders are still attached.

Resting in a cradle for transport to another section of the yard.

Leaving Driscolls Boat Works with out a mast! 

Now to go to work on the mast.

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