Cleaning old reservoir tank from the Perkins motor??

 Ok tried to get all the crap out of the tank with boiling water and soap (from coffee pot at work) and then tried washing it out and then tried power washing it but am still getting crud out from it. This is the old reservoir tank from the Perkins motor. It is used to keep any air locks from the cooling system on our motor. This is because if the hot water heater is higher than the motor it can cause an air lock. You install a reservoir tank to stop this.
 Trying to find a place that does radiator cleaning now-a-days is difficult. They are just throw away items now.
 We found one here and I will bring this tank in for cleaning.

1836 National Avenue • San Diego, CA 92113
(I-5 at the Coronado Bridge)

When it was installed in the boat 

You can see the black crap out on the dock

Lots of it now

We keep cleaning - power washing
  Had this up in the air and power washed it and on it's side etc. Damn thing :)

Not much but it is still in there
It is also oily inside. We do not want to hook this tank to a brand new clean engine cooling system in our boat unless it is completely clean.
If this does not work (the radiator shop) then we can purchase a new one from 

PO Box 5, Minnesott Beach, NC 28510 Tel: (252) 249-2473 
11702 Hwy 306 S, Minnesott Beach, NC 28510 Fax: (252) 249-0049 
Satellite location: 1218 John Small Ave, Washington, NC 27889 Toll Free: (800) 682-8003 

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