The dingy got some TLC

The dingy got some TLC on Sunday as we were just too curious to stay away from it. 

We removed the oars and reg plates

We removed and washed the seat

The seat came out nice

We removed the blow up floor.

I pumped the water out of the dingy with a wet vac.

The mark on the floor is for a pad that the gas tank would sit on

Debbie washed the blow up floor

We wrestled the dingy onto the dock, at least part way at this point
and then decided it needed more water removed.

None of this stuff was easy

The plug was not in the dingy

We scraped with a plastic scrapper

Got the plug in


Debbie found a crab

One part clean

Flip it - scrape it

On and on

Wash it off and scrape it some more. We also used a power washer
once we got all the major growth off.

The dock started smelling

These we could not get off as we were ruining low on energy

Time to check out the neighbors dock box for more dingy goodies

The pad for the gas tank is spotted

The dingy anchor with chain and rode

The dingy pump is found

Anchor now in our dock box :)

 After we got the dingy blown up we put the oars on and we took it for a row. We rowed over to the next dock and saw Don and his wife with a couple of friends. They had gone whale watching. 
 Debbie rowed back and was very good at it. She even rowed the dingy stern to into the slip between our boat and out neighbors. Never got us wet!

Now that we rowed it we want to take it for a putt with our 4 hp Merc outboard!
Pulling the mast is in the way of this. Soon though.

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