Xantrex charger\inverter wired-works

Saturday was a weird day. Our tow main projects were getting the lower food storage organized with the new lazy Susions and wiring up the Xantrex charger\inverter. Debbie was  going to tackle the first one and me the second.

 Most of the wiring has been previously done by us so this was simply wiring the charger\Inverter (CI) to the electrical panel. And the 30 amp shore powersocket.  

 Both ends of the wire (three each) needed solderless terminal ends. Come to find out I returned the box  that were the correct size. We needed # 8 ends and all we had were #10   screw size ends. Because we do not want to squander our time we used the #10’s and will replace them after we get it working.

 We have only one day that has more than a couple few ours of time in a single instance. That is Saturday. Sunday we do not work on the boat. After work we do not have a long block of time so Saterday is usually not for running around to the chandlery's. We usually do this during the week after work, picking up the needed supplies for the projects. If we run out or whatever we move on to a different project as we have plenty of them. Although they are thinning out a bit.

Going down!

Debbie in the lazzerett, she took over the lazzerett duty which there ended up being plenty of.
Debbie removing the old 110 volt wiring from the 30 amp shore power connector.

This 30 amp connector could use replacing

 So now that the six ends are set Debbie climbed into the lazzerett (I did a few trips but Debbie took over, thank you Debbie) and removed the original wires from the boat to the 30 amp socket and replaced them with our new 10\3 wires.

 I then removed the old 110 volt wires from the panel and connected the new ones. We had previously connect up the CI to the new out 110 volt wire. We also had figured out the panel wiring.

 The neutral wire (white) went to the top breaker which also goes to a buss. The power wire (black) went to the next 110 volt breaker down on the panel. Now a-days the breakers are double pole but these are single pole breakers. The green ground wire went to the ground buss.  
 OK we fired up shore power and no sparks or hot wires. 

No reverse polarity and it worked. We had wired this correctly!

After waiting a bit we flipped the 30 amp breaker we had installed just before the Xantrex CI as their instructions read. No problem and the charger light went on.

 All is great. We wait a while for any smoke or flames and nothing. 

You can see the green light is on all is well!

Now we turn on the charge (had to re-read the instructions a bit) and the charge did not go on. 

Old picture but it shows the emergency battery cut off switch at the CI

Hmmm oh wait we forgot to flip the emergency cut off switch to ON. We do that and wala the charger starts charging. We think the solar controller freaked out with its readings but are not sure. We turned off the charge realizing it was set to Gell batteries. Debbie dug through the manual and set the charger to Wet Cells as that what we currently have for house batteries. We try the charge and it fires up. Good deal. Now we try the 110 sockets in the boat and no 110 volt power! Oh no it’s a nuclear attack on our boat!

 We spent the next five hours figuring out what went wrong. I had thought I had wired it wrong so I rethought the wiring and tried different scenarios. A few sparks flew and the break blrke a few times. That was not it. We tried lots of stuff and none of it easy as these wires to the panel are not easy to screw in out take out.

We now know ALL about the 110 volt wiring on the back of the electrical panel!

 Debbie contorted her self into the nav station are by sliding is the louvered door and worked up-side down. On and on it went. We reverted back to the original setup that the boat shipped with and still nothing. Finally we took some wire we had from another project we are going to do and put solderless terminal ends on all six wires used it 10\3. We then removed the original wires from the panel and cut the ones that were doubled up into a solderless terminal end from the natural buss. We essentially took the buss out of the equation and the breakers. We had 110 volt power to the boat!   We carefully put it all back together as it was and used the original shore power and we had 110 power! Taking a chance as we were now tired and running out of day light time we decide to try the CI again. If this failed we still had just enough time and energy to get it back to working for the night. No0 power no heat, no football, no anything 110 volt. We did have one thing in our favor. One 110 volt plug at the nav station worked. That plug was wired to the same exact place as the other outlets on the series for port and starboard. So go figure, which we tried but we never figured it out.  So the charge went on and so did the 110 throughout the boat. At this point we decide not to try any tests in case we lost power.
 Test the Charger on the batteries  overnight.
 Test the inverter.

 We never found out what caused this or how we fixed it. We did find some bare 110 wires that were really not bear but became that way when we removed the wire ties and separated the wires. The we taped and will replace. It could have the buss was messed up but how? We connected the wired back to the buss in different spots and there was not any problem. Plus it had worked before we started.

 Any way Saturday was a strange day and these two projects were about all we got completed.

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