IMTRA Majorca LED Courtesy Light installed!

 Yes we installed our IMTRA Majorca LED Courtesy Light and it looks great. It works as we wanted and we are pleased. Looks a lot nicer than the old gauge that was there or the hole the gauge made. Of the choices to replace the with this was for us the best. The light shins down lighting up the counter area. The SS cover matches the SS vent cover for the stove.

 With all three (two LED lights under the stove hood) the galley looks bigger. 

 We keep the original dome lights under the stove hood and converted the bulbs to LED's.

With the lights on (all three) the counter top looks bigger and more usable. 

 This is actually not the case but it does look that way. Well maybe the counter under the light is more usable.

You do not need to reach around back. Just place your hand on the side and you can turn switches on\off.

 We glued in the switches will be even more accessible.
 We placed the switches in their location and have yet to glue them in place. The wiring needs some tiding up but whats new, we are working on that. We decide to go ahead and use the two #16 wires that go to the T fuse block instead of replacing them with 2\16 wires. These are just LED lights not critical systems so this should be fine and they are of course brand new wires. We did use 2\16 wiring through out the refer and freezer where we think it is needed.
 The other switch is for the refer freezer LED light strips.

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