Organizing the bottom food storage area

Debbie wanted to organize the bottom food storage are under the steps for us and it needs it. She bought two lazy Susan’s for this purpose.
 One 18” lazy Susan.
 One 12” double high lazy Susan.

Some of the items removed

 She took everything out and believe me it holds a lot of stuff.

The empty space
The white hatch is access point to wiring
The LED light to the top left we had installed and is a great add in. 

Holding the step open for work to be done. We do not normally do this for safety reasons.

 Debbie then installed the 18” one and filled it. The installed the 12” one and filled it. Then there was still room left over, can you believe that!

 After trying this out we or more Debbie decide the second 12” lazy Susan was just not working out and that one will get returned.

 We also plan on purchasing a few more “Click Clack Canister 0.7 Quart” and one that is broken will get returned to Amazon. These stack nicely in this cabinet.

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