Starboard companionway door stop

 The door stop for the starboard companionway door is a bit too thin to reach the coming to stop the door from slamming against the eyebrow if you sling it open. When the door is open it lays against the eyebrow and the bottom is un-supported. That means when you set up the seating and cushions in the cockpit and lean back this door is behind you and twists. We stick a rag behind it to support it. Of course this means we must keep a rag handy and it is also a pain.

 The other door is not so much of an issue as the companionway is off set and so further away from the port seating.

 The aim here is to make this door stop just thick enough so the door will hit the rubber tip of the stop if you let door slam open.  If you lean against the door it will compress the tip of the door easily and lay equal against the eyebrow and door stop. Then door will be supported by the door stop at the bottom and rest against the eyebrow at the top even and not twisted.

 First Debbie found some scrap teak at our storage unit. We then milled it down to the desired thickness with a router (all we have for milling).

Before sanding

Sanded and cut out spacer

 We then sanded the teak flat and cut out a hole with the size hole saw to make the spacer.

Before sanding edges

Ready to mount

 Now we will glue the spacer to the mounting portion of the door stop to keep it centered when we mount it.

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