New sails

We are getting estimates for new sails and will be looking to get a stack pack and lazy jacks to replace our Dutchman system and sail cover.
 We are also thinking of a sail track or a new type of sail slugs for ease of use.

So far we have gotten one estimate from Hyde Sails here in San Diego.

Chip Buck


The Hyde Sails Voyager line of cruising sails are some of the nicest built as you will see later this week when the other sails arrive here.

The cloth I have selected to use is Challenge 8.88oz High Mass.

Main, Full Batten with 3 reefs. $2820

130% Genoa, UV Sunbrella on the leech and foot, Foam Luff. $2530

Stack Pack, with line and blocks for lazy jacks. $630

Tides Marine Strong Track, 42' @ $22 foot. $924


 We will check the Internet also.

We are currently waiting for our North Sails estimate.


We just requested a quote from Quote Request# is: EQ-18570 Lee Sails.

Lee Sails in British Columbia were recommended also.

Here is a quote from them but when thois was done we do not know. It was not a requested quote from us.

Many thanks for your email, Data Sheet & photo.
According to your given dimensions, we are glad to state our best offer as follows:

1 pc Fully Battened Mainsail of 8.3oz USwt Challenge High Modulus dacron, 36'7" luff x 

13'0" foot, with 3 reefs US$1419

extra for Rutgerson #1530-23-05 Battcars & #1580 Full-batten fittings (for 4 battens) US$233

Total: US$1652
Less: 10% off-season discount US$165
Nett, deliver to USA: US$1487
Price Validity: 30 days from offer
Terms: fully paid with order
Completion: about 4 weeks
For your info, max 40x6mm FLAT battens can be used on the Rutgerson #1590 batten end fittings. But it is not necessary for you to employ this size. Smaller sizes will do as well.
Full length battens are excluded from our price. We will build sail with batten pockets only. But we will not supply the battens. They are too long to be shipped out. If required, we will advise you of the batten lengths after the sail is completed.

Door to door delivery by UPS is included in our price. They will do the customs clearance for you also. Transit takes a few days.
For order received between now and end November, we offer a 10% offseason discount from the SAIL PRICES.


Island Planet Sails
Check out Island Planet Sails, I've known Dave Benjamin for a few years and he is very reputable and deals in a quality product. It was Dave that suggested I look at the Freeport which I now own.

My son has Island Planet sails on his Irwin and they made a tremendous improvement. Although not at the top of my project list I am planning to replace my sails and purchase a Code 0 or furling drifter for light air and I will use Island Planet.

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