Xantrex charger\ inverter wiring

 We stopped at ME after work and picked up some solder less terminal ends for this and the AC\Heat project.

 The blue #16 we can use but the others we cannot. Not at least at the moment. We have enough of the #10 for #10 screws and the others are too small #8 screws for now. I think we can just order them from the web and save some cash. We will need to pick up some 3\10 wire, about 5’ foot to finish off the charger\inverter wiring. There is about 4’ possibly left from the run to the 30 amp shore power socket but that is tight on both ends so I will bight the bullet and buy the 5’.

Re-screwed the 30 amp breaker

 We got some more wiring done on the charger\inverter. We wired the incoming wires to the inver putting them in the connector. This requires stripping them and our stripper is wearing out.
 Also it requires bending over the lazerrett and down into the area and is hard on the back. At any rate we made some more progress. We then stripped the reaming three wires and put them into the connector. Next it is the to-be-purchased wire getting wired up.
 The manual said to strip the wires a ½ inch but this proved to be too long so the needed trimming.

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