Rigworks - Rig inspection

Report from meeting with Ray/Rigworks regarding condition of our sailboat rigging                          December 20, 2011
·         We have LaFell (sp?) system
·         Could some basic “housekeeping”
·         New spreaders would cost $500
Backstay is the oldest – surface rust can be seen and material different than other stays
·         Replace especially due to work for SSB Radio
Other stays seem to be at half-way point of life span (West Marine says 6 years, standard thinking is 10-15 years)
Headsail wire
·         Move unit down with halyard pennant
Winches need servicing
Lifeline turnbuckles need safety wiring
Lines led aft
·         $5,000 just for hardware
Our questions for Ray – his responses in bold:
1.       Antenna              consult on-line vendor, Riley Marine out of Los Angeles who make best mount; they will do a dedicated conduit for the radar wiring
2.       Reflector
3.       Bull Horn
1.       Antenna
2.       Antenna              Mets or Gammon
SSB – see above
Tri-color Anchor light – Orca Green with photo cell or Micy (sp?) – not Lopo
Spinnaker Pole Holder at Mast – our is a wisker pole
Mast Steps – does not recommend them…weight aloft, sketchy, line hooks on them
We have no Spinnaker Halyard; the line up there now is the Spinnaker sheet; one can be put on.
Need new Main Sail halyard; also consider new headsail halyard to replace current wire one. Consider Boom Vang…might be possible without going into headliner. 
Mast would be pulled at Driscoll’s through working relationship they have then brought over to Rigworks with no lay charges for the days it took to do all the work.  We said possibly February 2012.  Quote after January 3, 2012.

 It was a windy day and not that easy of a docking job here or back at our marina, we did prevail as the good seaman and sea-woman we are :)

Rigworks and our mast in the back ground with the rigger up the mast

We went to Rigworks to get a rig inspection. Nothing but good news! Our rig is ready to go cruising. The back stay needs replacing but we want to install an SSB radio so we will redo the back stay anyway. The rest is shall we say ship shape.

Me chilling on the dock

Our boat at the fuel dock near Rigworks

 The PO did the needed upkeep on the boat and about four years ago painted the mast and had new rigging installed. The same with the Harkin furler. They have not been making that model all that long so says the rigger.

While the rigger was up our mast we went to the park accross the streat

 While at the park we were on the phone with the sail maker from Island ??

 The rigger and I chatting it up

 We do want to replace the wire halyard sail halyard and they can do that without replacing the sheve in the mast head.
 The mast head is in great shape and so are the spreaders.
 We are getting a price for installing items on the mast.
 Radar antenna
Radar reflector
Wisker pole track and holder.
Wind vane
WiFi antenna
VHF digital antenna
Mast steps
And what I am forgetting.

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