Wiring the T fuse block in the head

 One we had the foam off the bed to get cut we decided to get some work under the bed done. The wires to the head T fuse block and the 10/2 wires to the CPAP machine over the bed needed running.

Wire to be run from the head to by the nav station under the satee

Head T fuse block

Hole drilled

 We ran the wires from the T fuse block through the first forward under the bed compartment where the vacuFlush vacume tank and pum are by drill two holes. One through to the head and one through to the second compantment under the bed where the holding tank is.

Coming from T fuse block

Going into holding tank compartment

Coming into holding tank area

Now to drill a hole into the  storage compartment under the bed with the step on it by the passage way to the head.

Kind of tight down here

Hole is drilled

Wires running to the hole

The drawer on left with dorad hose coming down in the back ground

Ok done down here. The 10/2 wire will get snaked up by the dorad hose at a later time.

Now we had to drill a hole out from the storage place by the passgway through the stateroom inot the salon. This come out by the mast in the salon.

Now a hole needs drilling to the bilge. These next holes will be also be used for AC\Heat wiring.

OK got the hole drilled to the bilge. Wires will cross by the engine raw water through hull.

 While we were doing this, drilling holes in the boat, we decide dto fix the starboard dorad hose. When the engine was instaled Phil just ran the raw watter hose to the engine using the existing dorad hole. The dorad hose then would not fit into the engine room. So we drilled a new hole for the raw water intake and relocated the hose.  This raw water hose you see in a loop under the salon seat.

 We then re-secured the raw water hose and filled the clamp hole for the previous spot.
We then put the dorad hose into it's rightful spot.

 Now back to the wiring.

 We drilled a hole from the bilge to the storage locker by the stateroom door on the starboard side.
Then drilled one into the compartment by the water tank under the settee, not shown in the picture.
Now we ran the wires through all the holes putting in chafe protection and attached them to the buss. Well we attached them to the T fuse block first then to the battery buss.

We then added a white\red dome light  and were done

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