Some hurricane holes - Mexico

 "My 5 favorite "hurricane holes" are Puerto Escondido, parts of La Paz, Guaymas harbor, Bahia San Carlos, and Puerto Vallarta. They have marinas, fuel, haul outs, and getaway anchorages to avoid cabin fever. I think Topolobampo has potential as a hurricane hole."

"Don Juan in the northern Sea of Cortez is also great -- far enough north that storms are usually down to tropical storm strength or lower, great all-around protection, just around the corner from BLA and stores, lots of great anchorages nearby.

The "accepted pattern" for boats staying in the Sea is to hit Bahia Concepcion for the 4th of July, stop in Santa Rosalia for a bit, then be up near BLA and Don Juan by August 15, stay in that area through October 15 (i.e., the heart of the hurricane season in the Sea of Cortez), then as the north winds begin blowing, work your way south, hitting Puerto Escondido around Halloween and back to La Paz just before the Ha-Ha'ers arrive (so that you can get a marina slip or good anchoring place).

"I sailed down from San Francisco last year and did the usual Sea of Cortez loop, Banderas Bay and then down to Barra de Navidad. I liked the place so much I ended up buying a piece of land in the canal system there and making a dock for my Catalina 42 (Sea42). Im now building my house there.

Of course this year Barra was hit directly by Hurricane Jove so I got a real test of my dock. I shouldn't have worried, even 2 tarps bungied on my decks didnt even break free. No damage what so ever.

The big hill (Isla Navidad) in front of Barra seems to protect the town very well and pushed all the wind overhead. The seafront Malecon took a beating, but that was mainly because the beach had already been washed away early in the year for some reason.

Before then I had called my insurance company and got a waiver for Barra (and the Grand Bay Marina)as it is a known hurricane hole. I'm insured thro Seaworthy and they normally wanted me North of La Paz in the summer. There was no extra cost for the waiver.

Its a location worth considering as its a lovely town, near Manzanillo airport (ZLO) and has a big marina (with good summer discounts) and a fuel dock.

I wrote up a info page about Barra at

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