Xantrex 2000 watt charger\inverter wiring

The Xantrex 2000 watt charger\inverter (CI) has been sitting behind the nav station for at least a year and is still not wired up. We found ourselves not needing to use it after we installed the first solar panel over the dodger. It took care of all our charging needs. There were so many more needy projects that it just sat there. Now it seems time to get it going.

Had to add some temporary electrical tape in a couple spots

The 110 ground buss is just up out of sight a bit

 Last night we took a look at where we left off with it and it is not too far from being done. We took stock of what parts we need and will purchase some today on the way home from work.
We traced and figured out the logic for the 110 wiring at the back of the nav electrical panel.

This all needs to be cleaned up. This is a start on that. We did some wire tying and a little clean up. Dam it gets dark so fast now.

 We just need some solder less terminal ends and some more 3\10 110 volt wire.

Looking down form the cockpit

Its a rats nest without the rats

 We did do a little wiring. First of course we had to trace everything and remember the logic. Then we snaked the three wires from the 30 amp breaker through to the  CI and then stripped the six wires there. Three are coming from the CI and the three from the 30 amp breaker. Then I tried to install the connector on them but it was too dark and the flash light was not working out for me. We gave up the ghost on this for the night.

 We would also like to purchase a new 30 amp shore power socket and cable, that may need to wait a bit.

 We need to add another shore power socket for the Air\Heat unit some time and a pigtail.

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