FROLI® Sleep System installed

 We decided theFROLI® Sleep System was what was going to be our priority on our winter break. I have off from  noon on the 21 till after the new year. Debbie has from the 23rd till after the new year off  from work. Thursday I r tore apart the bed and loaded up all the HR41 foam into my Jeep. Drove over to Keystone Brothers  and they cut one inch off all the out side edges for a nominal charge.  That is so air can circulate and the bed can be made easier. We had the foam cur to fit the bed area when we bought it and it was real snug.

 We also had 1 ½ inch sliced from the bottom of the HR41 foam to allow for the FROLI® Sleep System.
 Then it figuring out the FROLI® Sleep System.

 On Saterday we removed all the bedding and foam and started putting the FROLI® Sleep System together.

Piles of bedding

Three boxes of  FROLI® Sleep System 

Foam sitting up on deck - after being cut

Foam sitting up on deck

 It took a while to assemble the sleep system but it was not hard. The FROLI® Sleep System  people had worked with an Islander Freeprt boats before so they had a good idea what we needed and they were correct.

The light blue ones are for the shoulder areas and are softer.

The red pieces make it firmer. That is my side the firm side.

Done -  the white foam around the edges is to keep the cold from the hull out

 After a nights sleep it feels cushy (Debbie's words) and it does feel more like a bed.
 This will also help keep the moisture out. Before some spots on the foam would get wet at the bottom where it meets the wood. The heat travels down through the foam and onto the wood where water woulf collect. Not now as the are is vented by the FROLI® Sleep System.
  • transform your mattress
  • fit any bed size and shape thanks to the modular clip system
  • let you customize your comfort for support and cushioning where you need it
  • form an articulated air-flow surface that adapts to your body shape and movements
  • add permanent ventilation under the mattress to help eliminate moisture and prevent mildew 

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