Anchoring verses Marina so far this Cruising Season

Beginning of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 69 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

 A tidbit of info for us.

Total days of Cruising since we anchored off La Cruz in December 2012 and then left for the Gold Coast until now:

Total days so far = 102

Days of that at anchor = 93 days

Days at a marina = 9 days

So it is about 9 days at anchor to one day I at a marina.

It will be probably ten to one by the time we tie up in a marina for hurricane season.

We have already planned to leave on November 1, 2013 to start the cruising season again. If not sooner!  (It depends on the weather and the full moon - a must for us rounding Cabo Corrientes.)  We got a late start last year going on the Baja Ha Ha 2012.


  1. Have you figured out an average monthly cruising cost yet?


  2. My guess is we have spent somewhere in the $1400.00 a month range.
    We live pretty good, eat out a fair amount, have our laundry done, buy and watch movies. Have internet and Skype, buy books for the kindles ect.

    This includes some things we also have to pay for:
    Sail Mail
    Banda Ancha
    Liability insurance
    Fuel – diesel\propano dinghy gas.
    Wáter maker filtres.
    Mail servicie.

    But a lot of things are less than the US.

    Just got my hair cut here in Punta De Mita and it was $4.00 with tip (50 peso). She also did a good job (OK my opinion) and actually cut it the way I asked it to be cut :(

    Whole cooked chicken with wood fire and no machine, instead a real person cooked it. Plus coleslaw, rice and cooked onions and sauce. The chicken is not greasy and is tender and good.
    Whole chicken meal = $6.91 = (85 pesos) Ok maybe not less but better.

    Fuel is less.

    Tie up in a marina (Paradise village 5 star resort and we can use it all) = $310.00 a month during summer. They do not care or distinguish about live a boards!

    No cost for anchoring anywhere we have gone = FREE.
    No charge for dinghy landings anywhere we have gone = FREE!
    No hassle about how long you can stay anchored = Priceless.

  3. I had asked Tom (s/v Eagle) how far $2000.00 a month would go in La Paz. He replied "Don, For 2K you could live like a king!! LOL Ok so maybe not royalty but very comfortable. I guess a lot is what your normal life is like in the state. If you eat out a lot, entertain, do moives out etc you can sgtill live here comfortably, but it will probably take a full $2000. Housing, if you dont stay on the boat runs 500-1000 for a rental house. Furnished apartments are $350-500. Moorage is + or - $350 for a 36 foot boat. Having a car here helps a lot, but it is another expense. While we are in town, we figure on about 250-300 in food costs, 150 + or - for eating out, b ut we do a lot of locally owned small food places. we tend to eat a ot of loacl food, like cheese, meats and veggis do they ARE are really pretty cheap. There are some five star places but we dont spend a lot of time there. We use a local cell phone, with apay as you go system. we keep about 300 pesos (24-26 USD depending on the exchange rate) and never seem to use it all."

  4. Hi,
    We researched La Paz for marinas during hurricane season. They are expensive. The anchorage I am told is lousy with surge and anchor wrap. So it is how good a king lives is the question. A small kingdom?

    Are you cruising or living on a boat?

    There is a big difference.

    Living in a house you can do anywhere and it is not cruising.

    La Paz is close to the US if that is important to you.

    You could live nearby La Cruz but are you going to cruise and home port there or have a house boat?

    Of course there is the part time cruiser who leaves the boat in the marine and fly’s back to the country of origin and then come back and cruises around for the winter months.

    All have different cost.