La Cruz - Magma flopper stopper re-rigged

Middle of April 2013 - Anchored in La Cruz Anchorage - in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 76 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book
We extended the whisker pole out three more feet and replace the braided halyard line with a three strand line for some elasticity. The three strand is also longer so we could extend the whisker pole out. The line was a dinghy anchor line I think. It came with the boat. It is a bit large for a dinghy though.
New anchor line re-purposed for Magma flopper stopper to right.
We added a snap clip to the end and it is working fine. We marked it off in ten. fifteen and at twenty feet. That’s so we can adjust the depth of the Magma flopper stopper.

 The whisker cannot go out any more as it just slides out through the side stay and it now reaches the anchor roller. So it would be difficult to handle any longer. It does now work a bit better and is probably where it will work best for us.

A couple more new three strand lines to replace the other two and we will be finished with the setup.

It dos work great now.

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