Garmin Dealer Autopilot Configuration on GHC 10 - soft keys

 How to get to the dealer autopilot configuration on GHC 10 for the GHP 12 Autopilot (Drive - Class A unit):
  1. While the GHC 10 is disconnected from power, hold both the center and the right soft keys.
  2. While holding the center and right soft keys, connect power to the GHC 10 and hold the power key.
  3. Release all three keys when the heading appears


  1. Well did it work?


  2. NO :(
    We were just writing this into the blog to remember how we got that wizard to run. It is hard to find the directions.

    We have gotten a pay-as-you-go phone and are in contact with an electronics guy here in La Cruz to look at the system. Making sure when we re-install the new Garmin drive A unit it does not die like this one. We had forgotten how to run the wizard so we were brushing up. It will be a couple months before we get back from the US with the new drive unit and get it installed.

    New drive unit is on it's way to Shelter Island Marine Electronics.

  3. When you get into San Diego let me know. :-)