Honda motor does not get us up on a plane, skipping?

Beginning of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 69 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

Posted to a Honda Forum.
After doing some more testing it seems the motor is fine.
We can rev it up at idle and there is no skipping or any other problems, it runs smooth till a high idle revved up.
It seems when the motor is in gear and getting to a plane on our Achilles 10’2” dinghy that it starts to go in and out of gear”, that’s what it seems like. The motor does not change its speed when it skips or the prop stops spinning and then starts spinning.
We are thinking it could possibly the “Thrust washer”?
 We did run aground a few times in the Barra Lagoon , Barra Mexico. The bottom is sand and mud. The motor seemed to run fine afterwards. We still got to a plane and did our normal dinghy life using it a bunch more times. Then we put it on the sail boat and did fresh water rinse with the attachment for the garden hose. Then we did not use it for month. First time out we are having this problem with the motor getting the dinghy to plane or up to a decent speed.

Our first and only reply so far.
"The prop hub may be slipping, may need to have prop rehubbed."


  1. Chip, If you ran aground a time or two you have a spun hub on the prop on that Honda for sure. It is not a gear problem. Get a new prop and have the old one rehubbed as a spare.


  2. Hi Ralph,
    That sounds a lot better tan a pinion gear :)
    The sea state is not so good today so we are staying home. We were going into town tonight.
    Today we worked on the HVAC. Tomorrow I can team up Leonard (they used to be at Marina Cortez) at beach the dinghy to remove the prop and check it out. We are in Banderas Bay and PV has a Honda outboard dealer. We can look for a prop there.