12000 btu Mermaid HVAC needs new valves

Middle of April 2013 - La Cruz Anchorage - in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 76 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

Default temp was set to 57 deg, we changed it to 75 deg.

Showing the current temperature.

The Mermaid 12000 btu HVAC  unit got tested. We set the temperature to about 75 and then closed up the salon area and waited. The current temperature was 89 deg in the salon. In about a half hour the temperature was about 94 deg in the salon. Guess it is not working!  We kind of expected as much.  

  • We did all the plumbing correctly.
  • All the wiring correctly.
  • All the ducking correctly etc.
BUT again the manufacturer dropped the ball. Brand new out of the box the unit does not work.

 The good part is we think we know what is wrong. In the fiasco with the Mermaid 5200 btu unit we learned there are valves that are bad. The unit does not need to come out (we hope) and definitely shipping out to Mermaid is out. Mermaid will now ship us new valves and we will have them installed. This should all be done before the summer heat is here. Then we can tidy up the installation by securing the wiring and final ducking etc.We are in contact with an AC\Heat guy at Paradise Village PV to do the work.

Pictures of the parts Mermaid will be sending us.  The valve stems need a special tool to remove without having to drain the Freon.  The mechanic you choose should have this tool. The valves are in the bronze covers  Attached is a picture also (there are two of them).  Including new Schrader valves in case they have to be replaced. We will have these shipped to our daughters in San Diego and will pick them up in a few weeks. We will be in San Diego for a week to work on our visas among other things, then back to PV, Mexico.

 It may be an easy fix.
The valves are like valves in the valve stems of your tires we think. The valve stems may also need to be replaced by sweeting them off and brazing new ones on. We are hoping not.

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