White 30 amp power cord - cleaned and ready

Middle of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 We cleaned up the 30 amp white 50' power cord and have it ready for use. Debbie had washed it with ajax and bleach and then I went over it with acetone. It cleans up good but from where the sun turns it yellow. We use this cord for stringing along the life lines to the Honda EU2000i generator up by the bow. The white cord blends into the boat and helps to not broadcast that we have a genset up by the bow. We lock it up but still. Also the white cord just looks better. We use both the 50' cords if we get a port tie at a marine or a big slip where it is hard for our 36' boat to reach the dock box.

Ready to back on the boat. As our house sitting gig winds down we are starting to re-load the boat with all of our "stuff", We have lightened the load quite a bit this year. By pulling everything off the boat we got a good look at what we are not using.

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