Debbie is making salon seat covers from HD tarps - 2 of 5

End of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Salon seat covers from Home Depot paint tarps.

A cool trick learned - sewing the elastic in the casing while sewing the casing.  Since the elastic will be shorter then the casing, it will pull tight further down.

Debbie is using elastic to hold the covers on. 
Makes them easy to take off and wash.

This shows the elastic in the casing getting ready to do the final fitting.

Cover finished with elastic in before making the final fit.

Seat to cover.

Bottom side covered.

Top side covered.

Back piece to be covered. Most of the original outer material has been peeled away to prevent it from getting all over the boat and in the engine area.

Back side of above piece.

The tarp material laid out for cover.

This piece is now done. There are three of these pieces and one is curved.

It will tuck in nicely.

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