Flushing the fresh water\antifreeze -Flushed

Middle of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 Yesterday we flushed out the coolant system. Just like emptying it the first time except this time the petcock is working.and I took off the correct hose.The inside of the coolant system now looks nice and clean.

  1. First we filled the heat exchanger with water.
  2. Then we filled the accumulator tank leaving enough room to put my index finger in and barley touch water.
  3. The we "burped the engine We unscrewed the plu and you could hear the  air and bubbles coming out, then water. All done.

We ran the engine but the air compressor was still on. The air hose nozal has a small leak so air leaks out. This made the DeWalt air compressor come on to fill the air tank. I was in the cockpit and did not realize the air compressor was running. I just heard this loud noise. Scared the heck out of  me thinking the engine was messed up so I quickly shut it down. Then I realized what was going on. Any way it ran for a few minutes and circulated all the new fresh water around the cooling system and then we emptied it out as before.

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