Flushing the fresh water\antifreeze -more drained!

Middle of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

From  the Beta Marine Engine Forum
"You can disconnect the large hose at the bottom of the heat exchanger tank between the tank and the engine fresh water pump or disconnect the small water heater hose from the bottom of the tank under the exhaust outlet."

More info from  the Beta Marine Engine Forum.
"Due to a lower specific gravity, a 40% coolant /60% water, ratio transfers heat more efficiently than does a 50/50 coolant ratio. It still gives more than adequate freeze protection in tropical climates. 

My first recommendation would not be distilled water. Use normal tap water that is not "hard" or filtered water. Distilled water lacks any mineral content and has a tendency to attract minerals from its surroundings."

We chose the big hose and at the water pump. 

But first:

I read the instructions three times and still took off the wrong hose :)

No harm no foul though.

Not too bad of a reach to the water pump. We could have moved the aluminium deck braces and another piece of salon deck easy enough but it did not seem necessary.

Loosened the hose hose clamp.

Pushed down on the hose with a nut driver.

Wow a lot of coolant came out.

With a 50\50 mix of water and antifreeze.

Still some coolant left after draining with petcock.

All coolant gone after disconnecting hose from water pump.

Broke off hose barb!

All clogged up.

Un-clogged. Drilled it out, the clog.

We might be able to get the threads or rest of the fitting out with an "Easy Out" and we probably have the right size. A bit leary to try this though as we do not want to damage the cap housing by twisting it etc. Getting another one here in Mexico would be problematic.

After submitting a post to the Beta Marine Engine Forum we found that this fitting and hose are not needed!

You mentioned in a previous post that you have an "accumulator tank" in the piping between the engine and the water heater. And that the accumulator tank is higher than the engine.

This sounds reasonable and is a proper way to pipe a water heater that is higher than the engine. The accumulator tank vent cap should be he the highest point in the system and provide venting for the entire coolant system with a vent cap rated at ~13 PSI.

The lower vent cap on the engine mounted heat exchanger tank needs to be a higher release pressure. Usually 15-16 PSI.

This means that if all is working as it should be, the vent cap on the engine mounted heat exchanger tank should not open and release pressure (air or water) from the system. All venting will take place at the higher vent cap which has a lower opening pressure.

We had taken the cap from the engine and put it on the accumulator tank, a 13 psi cap and bought a 16 psi cap for the engine so all is good.
So the overflow hose and fitting are not needed, no worries that's great!

Beta air filter 28-60 211-61831.
There is no cross reference number for this filter. It needs to go to the auto parts store say AutoZone and get matched up with another air filer. Next time we will save the box.

Time to replace this also it.

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