Ocean Kayak 8" hatch installed

End of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We found this video on Youtube and followed the instructions plus the instructions that came with the Ocean Kayak hatch for the Malibu Two.

Ready to rumble :)

First we tried the Drummel tool but without the guide, as we do not have one. 

The Drummel was not controllable for cutting the circle so we switched to the jig saw. The jig saw did just fine.

Jig saw.

Wooo there goes part of the kayak!

Using the drummel to sand the edges.

Sanding with the drummel.

Finishing up on the sanding of the edges.

We used the drill to mark a 13\64 hole.. 

First we put some silicone on the drilled holes for sealant.

Morris and Debbie on s\v impulsive lent us their rivet gun.

Then we drilled the hole and marked the second and drilled it.

After using the rivet gun it did not cut off the rivets so we used the drummel to cut them off

Wala hatch installed!

Now we are thinking of how to store items inside the kayak. There is not a compartment so we will need something to hold them and to hold the something. We are currently thinking of cementing tabs inside and wire tying a backpack to the tabs. Then using the back pack inside to store things.

Other hatches do have a small bucket or pouch but we thought that would be too small for our needs.

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