Nav station seat pad, yes!

Beginning of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Original seat pad we purchased at store.

Making the pattern.

 Debbie is making a more comfy Nav station seat pad. The one we bought from the store is too big and not thick enough for my boney rump. The pad also catches to you body leaving the nav station seat and falls on the deck, most times. 

Added a few layers of closed cell foam.

 Debbie cut up the foam and is adding some closed cell foam we got out of old life vests that came with our used Ocean Kayak Malibu Two. (We also used some of that foam on the new Achilles dinghy seat pad that Debbie made - see that post for more details). 

The blue is the first cover of the seat pad. It came from some fabric we salvaged from a Paradise Village Marina trash can. The final cover will be washable, the Home Depot paint tarp that we can remove later when we do a new upholstery job in the salon with the Sunbrella vinyl.  We will probably re-do this in that also, I think :)

Also Debbie is putting a strap with velcro on the cover that we can use to hold the pad in place. However it will most likely stay there while at anchor if it fits correctly - just not while sailing and of course we always hope to be sailing :)

Tools of the trade. Pencil purchased in the States, 
flat chalk purchased here in Mexico (as pencil-type not available).

Here is the tarp cover ready for the next step!

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