Dinghy 20' cable and Schlage cable locks

Middle of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 We cleaned this 20' large diameter life line cable up and got it ready for another cruising season. This year we purchased a couple more cable locks now we have two for the dinghy. With the electric winch on the davit for the motor end of the dinghy we will re-position the fuel tank back by the Honda 9.9 outboard. Now with the shorter cable locks we can lock the Achilles 
dinghy to the davits easily and will not need to use the 20' cable unless it is needed for shore lock up. This makes the dinghy less cluttered up with the 20' cable. We were using the 20' cable to lock the dinghy to the davits when the dinghy was raised. 

We had this made up at Downwind Marine in San Diego.

Here you can see the short cable lock. 

It goes through the kayak and locks to it's self. Then there is a 15' cable attached to that. This for locking the kayak up on the beach to some pole or stairs or tree etc. We chose the combination we want. We purchased three of these Schlage cable locks and cable at Home Depot.

When we bring the dinghy up on the davits we put a cable lock through the davits and through the outboard motor lock. Nice and easy. Lift it and it lock it or loose it!

Locking Cable | 5' x 3/8" (10mm) Locking Resettable Combination Cable
•This resettable combination cable is designed for use in low to medium risk locations

•5' (152cm) x 10mm steel cable for flexible security

•Integrated 4-digit resettable combination

•Protective vinyl coating

We just drilled holes in our kayak paddles. 

These paddles came with the used Ocean Kayak Malibu Two and they are inexpensive. They would be what we use to go to the beach and then hop a bus into town. They do not float and are a bit heavy. We do have nicer paddles that are light and do float. We would use them for exploring the sea side etc.

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