Beta engine port aft motor mount rust - cleanup

Beginning of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 This area by the port stern Beta motor mount is also by the engine zinc. At first when changing the zinc I would let the salt water drain into the bilge and then replace the zinc. Then after a few times I realized the salt water was getting on the motor mount! After that I drained the salt water into a container. A bit too late and then we had the leaking zinc during our passages from Zihuatanejo to Puerto Vallarta at Paradise Village Marina. So this got the rust started. Just surface rust but we did not want it to linger. 

The are where the  rust is below the area we cut out for the oil change pump. You can see part of the motor mount and rus here.

Part of rusty area. This is facing forward. 
We scraped it with a chisel as best we could knocking off the paint and rust. Then we sanded it and then we washed it with SImple Green and then rinsed it. Blew it off with the DeWalt air compressor and painted the area with OSPHO. Turns rust to metal.

This part of the motor mount is facing aft


Its always hard to get at.

Looking down on the motor and aft. The area is under the rubber hose I pulled up an out of the way.

And the big picture. Far side left. 

Tomorrow we will wipe off any dried excess OSPHO and then paint the area red and then the surrounding area of the hull and mount area with bilge paint white. Then we can re-install the oil change pump. 

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