Polishing the hull

Beginning of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 A couple of years ago I tried to polish the hull. I got about 3 feet from the stern and about two feet down. I quickly ran out of time. Now I have some time and am making another attempt.

 I started at the stern edge of the starboard side. I washed a section up to the yellow power chord. 

I used bleach and Simple Green. I then bought some touch-up-paint from AutoZone and touched up some gelcoat dings. Not perfect but better than a black chip showing through a white gel coat. Could\should use gelcoat but hey, want to get done before we set sail south. I used a straight edge blade to remove some things and #400 wet sandpaper sparingly to remove others.Probably switch sandpaper to a softer # like a #1500.

Next I applied some Big White Sealant wax. Then waited for it to dry and buffed it out with a (borrowed) power buffer. It came out lousy. 

 Then I tried putting on the wax in a small area and immediately wiping it off. This works a lot better. It is way hot and humid so that may be a factor. Anyway, I did that over the the messed up area and it helped and did that over a new area and it worked nicely. Figure our boat is 35 years old and does not get a lot of waxing so it is going to look that way. It does look a lot nicer.

 The buffer I did not like using and prefer to do this by hand. 

 Next I did the same method with the Big White Hi-Temp Past Wax

I am pretty confident I will get the whole hull done before sailing south :)?

We like these trade mark engravings in the hull 
as they add some pizazz to a plain white hull other than a boot stripe etc.
Of course, raising our water line helps because we have 
less gelcoat to polish and it is easier to reach!

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