Expert help from dog Clyde on dot fasteners for bimini

Beginning of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 Seems the bimini is holding up fine after being on the boat 24\7 for 6 years.

We had to add a few dot fasteners on the back of the bimini for the new shade screen configuration we made. Also because we moved the davits when we raised them.

Clyde wants his attention.

Another project that will make life easier and more enjoyable in the cockpit.

The new shade screen is in 4 parts instead of the one big one we made. 

Debbie put in a new type of zipper and we can separate the two middle pieces now. We probably will leave the two corner pieces down most of the time at anchor and will only need to move the two or even just one of the middle pieces for dinghy access etc.

The old fashion way of doing it but it works and no fancy tool needed.

Debbie also re-stitched the bimini and made a few other repairs while we have it off. Next up is a new bimini window cover for the underside of the bimini...stay tuned!

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