Varnishing the stateroom louvered doors

End of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 This is the last can of varnish for the season we had to buy - gloss.

So this year we went through a full can of satin along with a full can of gloss with some of another.

Some of the louvers will need to be touched up. 

There are just a few that need some touching up and we can do that separately from the rest of the door. There are just a lot of them and they are long ;)

Next we will varnish the outside frame of the door.

As it turns out I just did the door all at one time. I ended up scrubbing the door sort of with the sponge brush. This got all the spots and there was no holidays. I did create some bubbles we had to deal with. All in all the door looks real good. It is glassy and does not have any runs, at leas that you can see.  

And now for the next one :)

Ended up having to varnish the lovers a couple more times to get them to come out good.

Probably about 7-8 coats to get this door looking good, to me.

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