Solar Panel in place

The third solar panel (SP) on top of the bimini was put into place. We mounted the stern end the same as the others are mounted. The bow end we mounted using just a piece of flat aluminum stock that we used else ware for the SP installation. This will not work as it sags. 

You can see the flat bar sagging

It took a lot of moving the SP around to find the right location as there are many factors involved in this otherwise simple install. There are the back stays and the bow for the bimini and the bimini window and clearance for the bimini fabric etc.

After a lot of thought and re-fitting Debbie and I found the spot and set it in place. We will next try some 1” SS tubing for mounting the forward end of the SP to the other two SP’s the 135 watter’s.  This we think will work but there may be a clearance issue.

 The stern end is sagging the SS tubing that runs across the stern ever so lightly but this may not be an issue. If so we can change that tubing to heavy walled or mount it the same way we are going to mount the forward end, directly to the other two solar panels.
 It is back to do more engineering tonight!

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