Solar Panel brackets

 Friday after work I went by the nut and bolt store, the fastener shop, United fasteners and picked up the longer SS screws needed for the solar panel mounts. This will mount the aluminum to the SS 1” tubing. Also got some acorn nuts so when washing or whatever the rag or my arm will not get ripped on the exposed threads. Took a sample 1" tubing and other stuff with me.

 When I got the marina I started the drilling of one of the solar panels and fitting on the aluminum flat stock. It was just too much as Debbie was coming by in an hour or so and I kept getting caught up in conversations with dock mates so I put it up on the bimini and just wire tied it there till a later time.

Debbie and I had to go to the storage shed and load up for the swap meet.

 We did get some screws into the Solar Panel and into the aluminum flat stock but I kept dropping the little nuts and washers so gave up.

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