Cockpit table

We finally got out cockpit table back form C.S. Furgison. It was late and over budget. He also used screws with round tops instead of flat top screws in the hinges, why? These screws  stick up a bit and make it difficult to slide a plate or mug across tec.
 Darn hard to get things the way you want them at a reasonable cost.

 We are hoping that this is the last custom work to be done. We will probably not go back to C.S. Furgison if we have another project. This kind of work is really not marine specific and go else ware.
It was the hinges that were the problem for us. You need a jig and some experience in this area to make them come out good, we have neither.
 We did use it for breakfast even though we just placed it on top of the existing table. It worked nice as it gave us much more needed room.

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