Dual Alternator Controller

 We were seriously considering buying a smart controller (SC) for the twin alternators. Now we have decide to wait till we get our new AGM house batteries because the SC will not do us any good now. Not with a AGM starting battery and wet cell gulf cart batteries for the house. So we are putting the purchase off for a while. We did find out that the ADVERC is probably not what we will go with. We are still researching this purchase.

ADVERC 12 volt Twin controller

We contacted the Beta dealer in Florida about the ADVERC controller they use and sell and of course recommend. We were about to purchase it when they suggested the add items. 

ADVERC 12 volt Twin controller $394.00
1 Diode Module and 2 Inline Diodes $ 85.00
Split Charge Diode, 2 Alternators, 2 battery Banks $272.00
Spare regulator with Field wire installed $ 30.00
Estimated shipping California, ground $ 15.00
Total $795.00

The overvoltage warning light is included with the ADVERC controller.
TWO ignition warning lamps are on the Beta C Panel only ONE ignition warning lamp is provided on the smaller panels

Now we are considering the BALMAR Max Charge Digital 12 Volt Regulator for Dual Alternator

 We still need to compare warinties and such but they easier to find.


Max Charge Digital 12 Volt Regulator for Dual Alternator

  • Automatic Functions: Multi-stage digitally controlled charging; 2 Alarm/Advisory circuits
  • User Selectable Functions: 7 charging program settings; Battery equalization, advanced programming
  • Status Display: 3-Digit Numeric LEDs
  • Dimensions: 4 13/16"L x 3 1/4"W x 1 1/2"H
  • Wiring Harness Included: 54"L, 14ga., Includes ATC Fuses (2)
  • Warranty: One year 

BALMAR Battery Temperature Sensor, 20'L, for Max Charge, ARS-5 and Duo Charge Alternator Regulators

BALMAR Alternator Temperature Sensor, 54"L, for Balmar Alternator Regulators

Do we need two of these?

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