Freezer glassing\refer shelf

 We first sanded and cleaned and sanded some more. The of course cleaned and cleaned. Then Debbie made patterns of all the fiberglass areas. Debbie then mixed up the famous epoxy concoction and applied fiber glass tape to the four corners. Then Debbie put the first layer of fiber glass matting on the bottom of the freezer.

 Now of course the fiber glassing of the freezer side is started. This is a big deal and a relief that all the bubbles are done with (smoothing the edges) and we are on our way to getting out of the refer/freezer building.

Also cleaned around hatch opening to fit hatch

 We put a few items in the refer to establish a place for the shelf. It seems the area just above the first bump out will be the spot but we are still a bit undecided.
 This is the spot or just above the spot of the original shelf. There were two shelves but we have made the area smaller so now there will be one.

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