Panels mounted on bimini

We got the solar panels (SP) mounted on top of the bimini. 

We added a piece of 1” ss tubing I think about 53 ½ inches long to the rear of the center panel. This took most of the sag out of the SS tubing that goes across the bimini and the panels. Most would say it was not an issue any way but we like it better this way. 

We got a couple end caps on the aft SS tubing but need tow more for the forward one. We will look for some just plain end caps as the eye is un-necessary.

Panels are mounted and fit nicely

This is two 135 watt and one 85 watt panels.
We still need to brace three of the four corners and add to braces to the sides so it will not sway back and forth. As for more than that we are not sure at this time. It, the bimini seems pretty strong and a dock mate, Hinze who is an engineer from Sweden said he thinks it is plenty strong. I personally like to over build stuff but am trying not to as we are winding down on time. There is still a lot to do. Any way it is time to put in the deck clam an start wiring them up into the junction box. 

Always way more work than we think. It is the engineering of it also that takes so long.

We got two of these T fittings for the side braces but Hinze suggested we use a diagonal cross brace and we think he is right so it is to the order bench again for more parts.

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