Helm seat refurbish

Debbie has taken on the helm seat refurbishing. Not that simple of a job as it turns out, surprise surprise. Debbie purchased new SS hinges and came as close as she could to the old ones but fill and drill it is. There came from Downwind Marine.

Debbie has made a new Sunbrella back

 When we bought the boat, sitting at owners dock

New teak directors chair

 The PO had made arm rests and back from a directors chair. It works nicely and stows away well. We like it enough to keep it but is has gotten dingy over the years. The hinges are green and the plating is gone. The chair is even split in at least one spot. For now though a teak replacement is too much of a stretch so Debbie thought a refurbish would work fine.

Fill & Drill

New hinges

 Debbie prepping the arms

Sanding and that is a time consuming as we know

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