SHURFLO Water Pump leaking

 We woke up to our SHURFLO Extreme Series Smart Sensor Water Pump leaking from it's head. Not a goo thing as the water may have gotten into the motor. It is warranted for  3 years from date of manufacturing and we will need to look at the motor to see what date is stamped on it. Also it must be a after market pump meaning we bought it from a store which i think we did. Serial number needs to be 590211.


 So that's now a question to be asked. What happens when we are at anchor in Mexico and this pump goes out? We will need to carry a spare? We could use the galley foot pump and also use it to put water into a bucket to pour into the toilet as we have a fresh water flush.
 Looks like a spare pump is the way to go?? 

"SHURflo warrants its 5901 Potable Water pumps to be free from material and workmanship defects under normal use and service
for a period of three (3) years from the date of manufacture indicated on the motor nameplate. The limited warranty will not apply
to pumps that were improperly installed, misapplied, or are incompatible with components not manufactured by SHURflo. Pump
failure due to foreign debris is not covered under the terms of this limited warranty."

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