Chula Vista Swap Meet

The Chula Vista swap meet was OK but smaller than it has been. No rain but few ma and pa sellers. Mostly retailers. They also swoop down on the ma and pa sellers like us as soon as you pull up and try to buy you goods cheap. Then they put them in their both and re-sell them for a lot more.
 We did sell out stuff which was not a lot of stuff and it saved it from going to the land fill and made some bucks. Hinze was selling some stuff (our dock mate) and sold eight port holes and some other items. We split the space rent so that helped. It is a good social experience and some fun. This may be the last one we go to as we really do not need much. We were looking for a basin’s chair and saw one but not something I would ride up the mast in.

Walking towards us is Steve who is a dock mate

Also we were looking for a Fortress FX 23 anchor but it was not there.
I did buy some clamps for hoses and wire cables $2.50 and Debbie got a grate for our grill brand new for $1.00 and that was it. Boy were we or I should say I was good as Debbie does not go crazy like me.

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